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About Me

About Me

Like most creatives, I began my career early, writing poetry and books, directing plays and choreographing dance numbers, starting an “at-home” radio station, and an extremely local newspaper — all of which are mercifully lost to memory and old VHS tapes.

While carving a path rich with experiences, environments, and education, I ultimately decided to pursue writing as a career. In the past decade, I've worked as a writer, editor, content marketer, and creative consultant, and authored two internationally sold books. 

I love working with strategy and am fortunate to see things from a high-level perspective but also love to get my hands dirty. I've managed and mentored teams, conceptualized and directed videos, created brand and editorial guidelines, developed and led content, digital, brand, sales enablement, and lead generation marketing strategies, cultivated compelling and engaging thought leadership content and managed marketing functions from ideation through delivery and execution.

I specialize in SaaS and technology — but I've worked in industries from beauty to pharmaceuticals to blues music. 

Strengths: being able to make sense from and find direction in chaos, go-getter attitude, creative and clear writing, candid and transparent communication

Weaknesses: Oxford commas, em-dashes, carbs

Areas of particular interest: fertility, reproductive health & justice, women in power, mental health and well-being 

Work Experience

Work Experience

2/21 - Present
Motient/Senior Manager, Content & Marketing Communications

Originally brought on to create sales collateral, I ended up creating the marketing department for this SaaS start-up from scratch and leading it for a year and a half. Reporting to and working directly with the president, I was on the leadership team, developed and led the content and marketing strategy, managed the department budget, and was responsible for collaborating with other leadership and across functions to create and implement multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

I managed designers, editors, copywriters, and all marketing third parties and contractors to develop materials and brand assets. I worked with our team and an external agency through a complete rebrand, resulting in an explosive uptick in traffic and conversions on our website. 

Working with a talented graphic designer, we created presentations and other materials to communicate company messaging across multiple platforms and channels. Performance was measured and evaluated to ensure business performance objectives were met.

As well as holding responsibility for B2B lead generation, I also oversaw all content production from ideation to delivery and execution, including thought leadership content from SMEs.

It was also important to analyze key market trends and competitive messages to ensure the company's positioning remained advantageous.

2/14 - Present
Self/Freelance Creative Consultant

Working by word-of-mouth referrals and with creative agencies, I work with clients to create quality and engaging content for their businesses, campaigns, websites, and other media. A bit of a generalist, I've worked in copywriting, editing, and creative consultation and branding for beauty, positive psychology, pharmaceutical agencies, technical writing, developmental editing — and almost everything in between.

6/17 - 11/18
Oracle+Bronto/Content Marketing Editor

As part of a dynamic team, I worked closely with over 50 SMEs and thought leaders to create compelling technical content, including white papers, eBooks, email campaigns, blog posts, and other marketing material. I also edited marketing and technical content, including revising articles, emails, and other written and electronic materials for B2B and B2C communications.

1/17 - 6/17
MicroMass/Behavioral Copywriter

I collaborated with teams throughout the agency to develop innovative concepts, content, and campaigns for pharmaceutical and healthcare clients in print, web, and digital media. We ensured that all content was referenced according to industry and agency guidelines. Work was presented to clients as well as medical legal review boards. Met all deadlines and flourished in a fast-paced environment.

1/16 - 12/16
Wanderlust/Senior Writer

Created original and branded content, including essays, articles, and commissioned pieces on Wanderlust and YOGANONYMOUS websites. Tasked with editing user-submitted content, creating engaging stories with eye-catching headlines and building stories from the ground up in the CMS and meeting tight deadlines. Responsible for discovering trending news stories as they happen and creating related content on websites. Also tasked with discovering new partnerships, selecting key content from partner websites that would trend on Wanderlust and YOGANONYMOUS, editing the content to style guidelines, and working with senior staff to create engaging social media posts.



MAY 2013 

Montclair State University

Master of Science/Nutrition & Food Sciences
Graduate Assistant to Department

MAY 2010

Montclair State University
Bachelor of Art/History
Concentrations/Psychology & Political Science
Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Marketing Strategy & Communications 
Content Creation, Development, & Strategy
Brand Development

Developmental & Copy Editing
Social Media Branding & Management
Business Development
Lead Generation & Nurturing
Sales Enablement
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Public Relations
Project Management tools

Contact Me

Contact Me

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