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"I met Kristin at the Women's March in DC through a friend whom she had also worked with. When I needed help promoting my new single, Ten Million Sisters, I knew she would be the perfect fit, with a strong voice and dedication to the issues we hold close to heart, to write the press release and promotional copy. I highly recommend her creative skills to anyone looking for someone who can take their own dreams -- and make them even bigger." -- Billie Williams,  billiewilliamsmusic.com


"I was fortunate to engage Kristin on several projects this Fall. I found her work to be of the highest quality of the freelance writers that I've partnered with. She met every deadline and communicated effectively throughout the project. I will work with her again and would highly recommend her to others looking for high-quality work." -- Rebekah Sedaca, Performance CRO Specialist at Three Ships, https://www.three-ships.com


"Kristin’s copy descriptions of my beauty products have really helped in setting us apart from the competition. Our customers always remark how the beautiful the stories of our products are. Words have meaning and Kristin has done an amazing job giving my products meaning too!" -- Tracy Toler-Phillips, Founder and Creator at Cupid & Psyche Beauty, http://www.cupidandpsychebeauty.com/


"Kristin Diversi is sharp, talented and 100% reliable. She quickly adapted to the voice of our brand and has consistently delivered stellar content, working both collaboratively and independently. Kristin brings a refreshing level of creativity to her work. We implemented a number of her savvy suggestions into our content strategy." -- Tali Edut, Owner at AstroTwins, https://astrostyle.com/


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