I offer technical, copy, and creative writing services.

My areas of expertise include recipe writing and execution, technical writing, copywriting, and creative non-fiction.

I’m a subject matter expert in food-related neophobia, the MIND Diet, and infertility. 


I provide developmental, content, and copy editing, as well as proofreading. 


I am a creative consultant for businesses looking for fresh perspectives. I provide guidance for you when things feel old, stale, and... icky.


You know that feeling when you do a big spring cleaning in your home (or maybe in your life): You rearrange some things and purge and donate some other things. Maybe you buy a piece of cool art from a friend and turn that old junk closet into a tiny reading nook. 


All of a sudden, your home, the energy – and you – feel brand new?

I do that – for your business. 


Advocacy is a bigger claim to stake than being a writer, editor, or consultant and bears a bigger responsibility, and so this section is…



Everyone has an experience (or two, or three, or seven) during their lifetime which pushes them beyond their comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. It's normal to feel scared there, and alone. 

But there's excellent news: None of us is having a unique experience.

No one is alone.

There are many people sharing many similar experiences at this moment. Whatever you're going through, someone else is as well.


There are wisdom and knowledge in these shared experiences, but most importantly there is hope.

I found hope by hearing other people's stories. Through these stories, I understood that we’re all having fairly universal experiences in varying degrees and circumstances. Eventually, I started writing and talking about mine.


People started listening. And you know what? People started talking. And when we share our experiences, we help each other heal.


Let's end the shame and stigma surrounding the experiences which make us human. Let's talk.


I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Some kids dream of space camp. Some dream of working with animals, or living in big cities, or being firemen.


I dreamed of being a mommy.


It became quite clear to my husband and I, after some time, that we were not going to be able to have children “the old-fashioned way.” We spent four years and over $100 thousand before welcoming our son in January 2020.


Infertility is an extremely common experience. It is also extremely stigmatized. I spent four years chasing resources, going down rabbit holes, and having conversations in hushed whispers and in secret social media groups.


To be blunt, that is some bullshit.


One in eight people deals with infertility. One in three pregnancies ends in miscarriage.

These are common occurrences – and yet, in my experience, they are cloaked in secrecy and shame. Hushed conversations and private social media groups.


A lifetime of unpacking my own mental health – and the shame surrounding it – led me to the realization that shame is a major asshole and caring for your mental health is as important – and normal – as caring for your physical health.


Almost half the population copes with a mental illness during their lifetime.


Everyone deals with their mental health at some point, or someone else deals with it for them – like their kids or their partner or their liver.


One thing I have found to be true: Everyone has issues. Some people are really good at hiding them, but no one hides forever.

These. Are. Common. Issues.

So why aren't we talking about them –  and others?

We are all having a very human experience.